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Writing YA in the Midwest

Journal of Julia Karr, YA Author

Julia Karr
I am a writer of young adult books and poetry. My debut young adult novel, XVI, is being publishing by Puffin/Speak in Spring 2011. This LJ is a window into my writing journey. A lagniappe consisting of snippets of my work, things I've learned, things I want to learn, and a taste of the sumptuous banquet of the life that I'm fortunate enough to experience. I am represented by the fabulous Kate Schafer Testerman at kt literary.

I share my home with several furry companions - 3 dogs (Loba, Maggie and Clint) and 4 cats ("A", Sampson, Mr. Cattingham, and Esmerelda.) I have 2 amazing daughters and one son-in-law who brought 3 fabulous grandkids into my life.

I hope you enjoy reading Writing YA in the Midwest (which is where I live) and that parts of it will touch you, inspire you, or just plain old make you feel good! Cheers!